5 Stocks to beat Deliveroo

  1. Hudson Technologies. As seen by the Vaccine news of late, cold chain storage is at a premium. Not to mention global warming causing the ambient temperature of the globe to rise. Tech that provides enhanced cooling to data rooms, transport and off-site storage will continue to be very valuable. Valued at $48 Million, a snippet of Deliveroo.
  2. GW Pharmaceuticals. If COVID had proven anything, it is that traditional pharmacology is fallible. Medicine isn’t perfect. A read at “Bad Pharma” by Ben Goldacre will reinforce that opinion. Governments around the world will be looking at two things. Plant-based medicine alternatives and innovative ways to raise taxation revenues. GW, who studies the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant, ticks both boxes and is valued at $3.71 Billion
  3. Twitter. Jack Dorsey’s creation has had a rough ride lately on the stock market, with the share price plummeting over the last few years. Take a look at big business customer service functions on there and look at the way breaking news is delivered and curated, and you will see that Twitter has the kind of intrinsic value that will safeguard it in the long run. $44B, still pretty cheap relative to Deliveroo.
  4. Eve Mattresses. OK, a bit of a weird one. A left-field punt. Eve makes…mattresses. They make them very well, though, and are an incredibly attractive penny stock. The world needs good sleep right now, and its innovative and ergonomic approach makes them well placed to grow. I won’t list its market cap, as it is a fraction of Deliveroo and, well, they aren’t really in the same leagues. Eve is a penny stock.
  5. Berkshire Hathaway. In the interests of diversity, I have included an investment fund. It might not be too exciting, but what Berkshire offers is commercial sanity amidst a lot of naked swimmers. Watch the Sage of Omaha pick up a lot of bargains and turn them around. He might even pick up Deliveroo, who would know.



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Phil Patterson

Phil Patterson


Founder of www.realcbdclub.com —Former VC and Startup Guy…I write for fun. About things I like, and some things I hate.